April 13, 2024

You have got to be kidding me! Was this your verbal outburst or something similar to your first reaction when you looked at the shelves and shelves of pet food selections? Are you confused?

If I was a first time pet owner I would be very confused and would not know where to start. However, you can be reassured, it will not take long to learn about healthy pet food and how to select foods and supplements which are right for your pet.

Puppy care seems to be the easiest because your veterinarian can guide you as to the best nutritional foods for your four legged friend. If your puppy or dog has a severe medical problem,again, your vet will be a security blanket of information.

The confusion lies approximately one year or two years of age depending on the breed. It is now your concern as to the best food for your pet. A healthy active dog is a wonderful pet and keeping him healthy is an added bonus not only for him, but for your wallet.

How do you choose from a large selection?

Know the age and activity level of your dog
Read labels – the first five ingredients are seemingly the most important
Trust a well respected brand name product
Give significance to the Association of American Feed Control Officials product approval
The age and the activity intensity of your pet will determine which foods to buy. Some of the commercial products sub title their product ‘for active dogs’ to help you make a decision.

The absolute best way is to become familiar with the ingredients. The first five are important. The first item on the list is the most plentiful and critical ingredient. The amounts of the ingredients in the product become less as the list gets longer.

Some people are comfortable trusting the product brand name. The thinking is for the company to remain in business they would be very concerned about pet nutrition in order to have returning consumers.

There are pet owners who lend confidence to pet foods approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (‘AAFCO’) as this organization approves of products meeting minimum basic needs and containing complete and balanced nutrition.

After awhile you learn about ingredients as to their original source, how they are weighed, prepared, processed, and labeled. You watch your dog changing and or the cost of vet bills because of allergies, infections, and other health maladies your pet acquires.

In the home you control food preparation. We have all heard the expression we are what we eat and we can see our pet experiencing the results of those eating habits. People are very concerned and are looking for alternatives for healthy pet food.